Some of the fun we serve is real hands-on and we’ve always done a pretty gosh darn good job with hygiene. But, boy, have we turned it up to 11.
We have put a number of measures in place to help keep our guests safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Planning a visit? We can’t wait to see you!

If you’re experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature, dry cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing), or have been in contact with someone who has these symptoms, please stay home We’ll still be here when you’re feeling better and will gladly honour your booking. Give us a call on 1300 727 833 to reschedule.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops worldwide, at Holey Moley we continue to reaffirm our commitment to proactively ensuring the safety of all staff and guests when visiting our venues and continue to monitor our policies to ensure best practice in an evolving situation.

This page outlines the proactive measures that we have put in place in our venues, to ensure that they are clean and hygienic at all times, in addition to our standard cleaning policies and procedures, and state specific Covid Safe plans. We will continue to review and revise this document, to meet any additional state or federal Governmental guidelines or recommendations.

What we're doing

As a company Holey Moley and Funlab has committed to ensuring every venue is following the below steps as part of our company wide Covid Safe Plan and response. Please note, some states may vary slightly as they have state government specific regulations.


  • Up to date signage of safe practices
  • Regular cleaning of high touch areas
  • Increased sanitizer stations throughout every venue
  • Cashless no touch transactions encouraged at all venues
  • Some states require mandated Dedicated ‘Hygiene Marshall’ during peak hours of operation*

Social Distancing

  • Appropriate Social distancing visually marked in higher traffic areas i.e reception & bar*
  • Limited capacity in designated areas *
  •  Seating areas limited to capacity and safe distancing requirements*
  • 1.5m between tables in seated areas *
  • Strict enforcement on guests remaining seated while drinking* *where additional government Covid Safe Regulations apply


  • All guests are required to register on our contactless Contact tracing record*
  • All team members have completed Funlab’s internal COVID 19 safety component and any government mandated courses for specific states
  • Any additional state based Government Covid Safe training completed, and records kept *where additional government Covid Safe Regulations apply


Key areas in venue

As we operate a family of brands and venues at Holey Moley and Funlab, these measures are listed below in relation to all areas of our venues where we are proactively taking measures to meet the COVID Safe Plan response, rather than by specific brand or venue. These are as follows:

Venue Entrance

  • State based QR code check in requirements are made available.
  • Handsanitizer is available at entry.
  • Covid Marshals &/or Security ensuring correct covid capacity is followed based on relative State based requirements


  • Sanitizer and/or wet wipes are positioned at reception for both our Guests and Staff to use.
  • Additional QR codes for guest check in. Guest Check in is verified by team members.
  • Information on Covid Safe ordering through “Mr Yum” is provided to all guests.


Mini Golf

  • Putters are wiped down with cleaning sanitizer at the end of each night, with a full clean of all putters occurring weekly
  • Golf Balls are being cleaned before put back into the gum ball machines for reissue
  • Flag poles and Gum Ball Machines are cleaned and wiped down with cleaning sanitizer thoroughly at the end of each night -Surfaces on the golf courses which guests regularly touched have been identified and will be sanitized regularly
  • Sanitizing wipes or sanitizer will be readily available at the pro shop for guests to cleanse putters
  • Tokens are being cleaned at the end of each night

Karaoke Rooms

  • Karaoke mics are wiped down with sanitizer after each use and again at the end of each night when closing
  • Karaoke touch screens are also wiped down with sanitizer after each booking
  • Until further notice we will remove all props from the karaoke rooms
  • Rooms may be closed in some states due to social distancing and hygiene measures

Food and beverage

To help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and keep your guests safe, Holey Moley and Funlab have implemented the following:

  • Staff strictly wash hands before any food is taken from the kitchen to our guests
  • Extra wet wipes and napkins are also being provided with food
  • Staff wash their hands after any food scraps / platters are taken back to the kitchen for washing
  • Bar staff are extra vigilant after handling money, washing their hands regularly in between making beverages as per standard procedure
  • Kids party staff will be encouraging children to wash their hands regularly before eating, with hosts providing hand sanitizer as children go into party room 
  • Where recommended (state based) cutlery will be removed from table caddy stations to minimise the risk of germs being spread. All cutlery will be delivered with food when ordered

Going forwards

We will continue to act in accordance with government advice, and will constantly monitor our policies and procedures to ensure we’re doing the best thing for our guests and team members to keep everyone safe.

If you have any other questions about our hygiene practices, social distancing measures or cleaning procedures please give us a call on 64 9887 4205.